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      Springtime brings me so much joy, as flowers and fruit are up for grabs. The birds, pretty flora and fauna are out in abundance and the weather is starting to warm up. Today I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot, nothing fancy, just grabbed a very simple green dress, red lipstick, my pretty basket bag and I was out of the house looking for a suitable location.   Tatiana and I came across a field with old loquat trees.   IT'S LOQUAT SEASON Y'ALL! Loquats are finally ripe, the last two years I was buying them from the farmers market, but there's nothing more satisfying that unashamed primate picking with the sunshine on your face and chomping them underneath the loquat tree. Loquats, also known as Japanese plums, are delicious fruits with medicinal leaves. Have you ever had a loquat? Their flavour is a blend of apricot and cherry, very sweet when ripe, but very tart when not ripe, they also have large seeds in the centre. It was a pleasure to pick

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